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mTouche™ Media Suite

Premium mobile services have been a proven traffic and revenue generator for Mobile Network Operators and Service Providers. In addition, interactive broadcasting and marketing are two areas where the mobile channel is becoming increasingly important. But while these emerging markets provide huge opportunities for the Operator and Provider, there remain two main obstacles to successfully launch and deploy interactive services.

Firstly, the need for carrier-grade deployment to handle the unpredictable traffic profile of interactive applications has been highlighted by the high-profile failures of a number of reality show mobile votes in the past year.

Secondly, while deployment of very simple interactive services is easily achieved, the ability to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy a wide range of complex services from large numbers of media brands and broadcasters remains problematic.

The mTouche™ Media Suite addresses both these issues, and is the only mobile campaign platform that allows Mobile Operators and Service Providers to rapidly deploy and efficiently manage complex and high volume marketing and media applications.

mTouche™ Interactive TV

Using mTouche™ Interactive TV Platform, you can run a variety of "live" interactive activities with your audience via a mobile phone. In the example of a TV viewer voting, we allow the Client to view real-time SMS results and transmit the data to the broadcaster.

We have the widest array of applications and services to choose from:

+ Game and Variety Shows
+ Interactive Advertisements
+ Charity Donation Drive Projects
+ Real-time Voting or Polling
+ Song Dedications
+ Contests: Quizzes, Competitions
+ Feedback and Comment Lines
+ Information on demand and many more

mTouche™ Interactive Radio

Using mTouche™ Interactive Radio Platform, radio listeners will be able to interactive DIRECTLY with the radio DJs. Radio stations will be able to run a variety of interactive services to encourage participation from the listeners.

We have the widest array of applications and services to choose from:

+ Real-time Voting or Polling
+ Song Dedications
+ Contests: Quizzes, Competitions
+ Feedback and Comment Lines
+ Information on demand and many more

mTouche™ Publishing

mTouche™ Publishing allows the print media owners to personalize, customize and analyse news feeds from various sources consolidated on the mTouche™ Press Platform, hence having their own customized mobile press channel.

Publishers utilizing mTouche™ Publishing would be able to execute interactive services in real-time with their readers.

We have a wide array services to choose from:

+ Real-time Voting or Polling
+ Dedicated News Feed
+ Contests: Quizzes, Competitions
+ Feedback and Comment Lines

mTouche™Enterprise Solution

mTouche™ helps to increase effectiveness of your business strategies. In addition, a fast and cost-efficient way to reach your customer base, your employees and managing your customer relation issues, including services such as order status and reservations.

Some of our solutions include the following:-

mTouche™ Corporate Messaging

+ Reaching your sales force or employee directly to their mobile
+ Time sensitive information that can cater to a fast moving market
+ Simultaneously reaching a sizeable recipient at an instant
+ Supports E-mail to SMS

mTouche™ Integrated CRM Messaging

+ Reach out to your customers and suppliers directly
+ Permission-based segmental direct marketing
+ Allow "call-for-action" from your customers

mTouche™ Machine to Machine (M2M) Telemetry Solution

+ Intelligent GSM enabled devices
+ Instructions and data transmitted to devices via SMS/GPRS

mTouche™ Content Provisioning Solution

Consumers are willing to pay for services that can be personalized on their mobile devices. As such, premium quality mobile products like ringtones, wallpaper, android games, flash games, horoscopes and java games are high in demand. By leveraging on mTouche™ domain expertise, the mTouche™ Content Provisioning Platform offers third party Service Providers a superb channel to market these services.

This platform is built in a modular infrastructure and encompasses all aspects needed for a scalable and reliable platform supporting a wide variety of content and needs analysis.

+ Content Management
+ Content Collection Agent
+ Billing Management
+ Content Delivery Mechanism
+ Customer Care Management
+ Subscribers Profile Management